A New Chinese Course (Book 1) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Distributed By China International Book Trading Corporation

ISBN: 7801030400/H•7

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A New Chinese Course (Book 1)


作者: 黄政澄

author: Huang Zhengcheng


publishing house: Distributed by China International Book Trading Corporation


number of editions: first edition in August 1996


number of print: fourth print in November 2002


number of pages: 521 pages


wordage (thousand words): 350 thousand words

开本:787×1092毫米 16开

format: 787×1092mm 16 format



A new Chinese course has been prepared for use by students as an elementary Chinese course book. It consists of two volumes (Book 1 & Book 2), with 3,000 basic words, over 300 grammar items and 1,500 basic Chinese characters. Each volume is designed for 125-200 class-hours in an academic year. This course aims at enabling learners to communicate in Chinese for daily purposes and social function, meeting their need for further studies of the language and hopefully helping them to arrive at the second grade of Chinese standard Level or to acquire the C Level Certificate of HSK Elementary Chinese. Two companion exercise books have also been prepared for learners.

Book I of A New Chinese Course has been arranged as follows:

Lesson 1 to lesson 10 deal with Chinese phonetics and characters. Generally, the teaching of individual sounds can be very dull and tedious and students may not find much interest in them. To learn Chinese phonetics through sentences at the very beginning can also, if improperly done, result in the incomplete mastery of the sounds and tones. In order to avoid these tendencies, priority has been given to the teaching of phonemes, syllables and tones at this elementary stage while short and simple commonly used phrases and sentences are provided.

Writing characters is another hard nut for foreign students to crack. In this book, the writing of Chinese characters is taught in strokes and stroke order, according to the rules of structures of the Chinese characters. In the first ten lessons, 50 mono-formative characters are given (thus, “一”, “二”, “三”, “四”, “五”, “六”, “七”, “八”, “九”, and “十” will not appear as new words in later texts). Undoubtedly, learners will find it useful to learn them.

From lesson 11 to lesson 50, all the texts are written in the form of dialogues set in foreign countries. They have fixed characters and center on five topics: individuals→families→institutes→friends→society, recurring eight times throughout the book, joining up structure, topics, function and culture. All the texts are prepared on practical language, close to the life of overseas learners, always enabling them to find something to talk about and discuss after each lesson. The place names written as “××” are supposed to be substituted with the local names known to the users.

Texts from lesson 11 to lesson 30 are provided with Chinese phonetics. Between 31 and 50 the texts are merely provided with tone marks. The light tone is shown with “。”, but new words are indicated with their original tone marks.

New words: the number of new words in each lesson increases from 20 to 40 as the lessons move on. Over 1,300 words are included in Book 1, 80% of which are regarded as A Level words according to An Outline of Chinese Standard Level. A glossary is appended to the book.

Function: social communication is the very fundamental function of a language. This course gives priority to the training of students’ communicative skills. Each lesson has 4-8 function items, and there are altogether 132 function items and 249 function points throughout the book. They have been specially designed on the basis of the texts, the realistic demand of the learners as well as the accomplishments in function research theories at home and abroad. There is a summary and classification of function items attached to the end of the book.

Notes: They mainly deal with two things. One is the grammar, the other is difficult sentences, expressions and necessary background information concerning culture. The grammar items covered in this book are mostly concluded in An Outline of Chinese Standard Level as A Level items. They are arranged in accordance with their degree of difficulty and are intended only to provide short and simple explanations, not all round or systematic ones. Notes in each text are all enumerated by Arabic numerals. Important sentence patterns are generally shown with diagrams. There also four brief summaries of grammar in the book to help students grasp those grammar points they have dealt with. A grammar index is included in the book.

Exercise: Exercise books have been separately prepared for learners of this book. They contain two parts. One includes various types of exercises designed to consolidate the grammar, function items and texts covered. The other is character writing. A certain amount of space has been allotted to drills, manipulation exercises and conversation practice. Multiple choices are adopted for the purpose of familiarizing students with HSK tests as their Chinese improves. A key to some of the exercises is appended to the exercise book.

In order to satisfy the need of some students, simplified Chinese characters are all accompanied by their original complex forms when they appear for the first time in the exercise book.














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