Chinese Listening Course (1) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press

ISBN: 7561906935/H•9901

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Chinese Listening Course (1)


作者: 胡波

author: Hu Bo




number of editions: first editions in June 1999


number of print: eighth print in February 2004


number of pages: 289 pages


wordage (thousand words): 350 thousand words


format: 16 format



This book, intended for Chinese beginners, is complied to support the Chinese Course in TCFL Textbook Series, and can also be used independently as a textbook for listening practice.

Before compiling the book, we have consulted many published TCFL listening textbooks, drawing a lot of good points from them, and meanwhile we have made some adjustment and changes to the general format of this Listening Course so as to meet the learners’ practical needs of using Chinese in life. Our priority is given to the principle that the language materials must be new and practical, and that the exercises must be varied in form, informative and purposeful. The first part of the book is for learners’ use while they are listening to the recording and doing the exercises; the second part is the recording script intended for learners’ reference and teachers’ use.

The exercises in his book are varied in form, including exercises on initials and finals, tones, pronunciation and intonation, word and sentence stresses, and answering questions, choosing the right answers, judging true or false, dictation, retelling and guessing the general idea after listening to the recording, etc. in addition, this book gives special attention to the exercise of distinguishing tones and adopts, especially in Books Ⅱ and Ⅲ, the forms employed in the listening comprehension section of the HSK test to prepare the learners for the HSK test.

In each lesson there are several new words, which, confined to the vocabulary in Levels A and B of the Syllabus of Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Chinese Character Levels, are designed deliberately to strengthen the learners’ ability of leaping over difficulties in listening, but not so many as to affect their understanding.

It takes one teaching hour (50 min.) to finish each lesson in Book Ⅰand two teaching hours to finish each lesson in Books Ⅱand Ⅲ.

说 明





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