Chinese Listening Course (2) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press

ISBN: 7561908016/H·9106

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Chinese Listening Course (2)


作者: 胡波

author: Hu Bo




number of editions: first editions in March 2000


number of print: ninth print in October 2004


number of pages: 321 pages


wordage (thousand words): 400 thousand words


format: 16 format


To the User

Book 2 of the Listening Course consists of three parts: Listening Comprehension, Extensive Listening, and Pronunciation and Intonation. Listening Comprehension includes three concrete training items, which are listen to the recording and choose the correct answer, listen to the dialogues and choose the correct answer, and listen to a dialogue/short passage and do the exercises. The Pronunciation and Intonation exercises aim at training the students to distinguish different sounds, tones and sentence stress. This book has altogether 30 lessons, among which are five reviews. It follows such a layout as exercises first, then the recording script and finally the vocabulary list.

Considering that the users of this book have mastered a certain amount of vocabulary, some grammatical knowledge and listening skills, we put the most stress of this book on listening comprehension skills, which include catching the main ideas, leaping over the comprehension barriers, guessing and associating, taking advantage of the language contexts, pragmatic comprehension, speed comprehension and memorizing ability and so on. The purpose of these exercises is to enable the students to take command of the rudimentary listening skills, and thus meet their needs for communication in real life situations. As some exercises in this book follow the item pattern of the HSK listening test, it can also be used as a supplementary textbook in preparation for HSK tests.

The following is some advice we give to teachers using this book so that they can understand the book better:

1. Each lesson should take two class hours.

2. In principle the students are expected to listen to all the materials only once and finish the related exercises, except item three in the Listening Comprehension exercises, namely the item of listening to the following dialogues/or short texts and do the exercises, which the students are supposed to listen to no more than twice.

3. The students should be told to learn the new words in the Listening Comprehension exercises before they listen to the recording, but they do not have to learn those in the Extensive Listening materials. Those words are just for the students’ reference. As this item aims at training the students’ ability of leaping over the barriers and catching the main ideas, some new words are deliberately imbedded in the listening materials, which the teachers can ignore.

说 明




1. 课时安排:该教材每课应学习两个学时。

2. 听音要求:除听力理解练习的第三项[即(三)听下列对话或短文并做练习]以外,其他各项原则上只听一遍,即使是第三项练习最多也应以听两遍为宜,且每听一遍后应完成相应的练习。

3. 生词的处理:听力理解练习的生词应该放在听录音之前学习,最好要求学生预习。泛听课文的生词只供学生参考,不需要学习。因为该项训练的目的就是培养学生跳跃障碍以及抓主要信息的能力,所以除了所给的生词以外,文中还隐藏了一定量的生词,教师可忽略这些生词。

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