Classified Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Foreign Language Press

ISBN: 7119031260

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Classified Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine


作者: 谢竹藩

author: Xie Zhufan


publishing house: FOREIGN LANGUAGE PRESS


number of editions: editions in September 2002


number of pages: 1057 pages


binding: edition binding


format: large 32 format

ISBN: 7119031260

13 ISBN: 9787119031262

This dictionary is compiled on the basis of a research project on the standardization of English translation of Chinese medical terminology, sponsored by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It includes 7010 entries among which, 6630 are traditional Chinese medical terms and 380 are commonly used citations and maxims. Listed in the order of traditional Chinese medical textbooks, it is both a precise and practical dictionary and a minitype encyclopedic works of traditional Chinese medicine. There are four indexes at the end of the book to facilitate consultation.



About the Author

Dr. Zhu-Fan Xie, professor of the First Clinical Medical College, and honorary director of Institute of Integrative Medicine, Peking University, has been engaged in clinical and experimental studies on the integration of traditional Chinese and modern Western medicine for forty years. He was invited to give lectures in many countries on traditional Chinese medicine and integrative medicine, and was appointed as WHO consultant on traditional medicine with the participation in finalizing Standard Acupuncture Nomenclature as one of the assignments. He wrote many books in the past. His books Common Terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine in English (1980) and Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1984) were well received both in China and abroad. He also won a special award from the Ministry of Health for his excellent contributions to the compilation of The Chinese-English Medical Dictionary (1987). Together with his colleagues he compiled the first edition of Classified Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1994). In 2000, he was assigned by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine a research project on the standardization of English translation of Chinese medical terminology, which provides the basis for compiling the new edition of Classified Dictionary.

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