Contemporary Chinese for Beginners(exercise book)Dutch edition (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Sinolingua

ISBN: 9787513800020

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Contemporary Chinese for Beginners(exercise book)Dutch edition

《当代中文》入门级 练习册 (荷兰语版)


author:Wu Zhongwei


publishing house : SINOLINGUA BEIJING

版次: 2009年第1版

number of editions: first edition in 2009

页数: 139

number of pages: 139 pages

开本: 16开

format: 16 format


Contemporary Chinese for Beginners is a key project published by Sinolingua and fully endorsed and sponsored by Han-ban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. This series has been published in 43 language versions.The 43 language versions have all been modified and translated from the original Contemporary Chinese Series (Chinese-English edition), which is one of the best-selling textbooks of Chinese language for adult learners and is widely adopted by schools in many countries. Each multi-language series includes 3 books: Textbook, Exercise Book and Character Book. There are also MP3 and CD-ROMs available to accompany the books. This series has a flexible teaching volume and comprehensive content. Structural, functional, and cultural notes are integrated through specific communicative tasks. Plots, situations, and topics in the textbooks are personalized, interesting, and lively. Moreover, the textbooks have been indigenized for each language version to better fulfill the needs of local students. The accompanied audio MP3 covers the texts, new words and supplementary words in the textbook, and vocabulary, sentences and listening exercises in the exercise book. The accompanying CD-ROMs include: Texts, new words, sentence patterns, grammar, phonetics and cultural notes. All texts are marked with Pinyin. Translation in local languages for Lessons 1-10 is provided. The definition, phonetics, usage and stroke order of Chinese characters are covered with all kinds of exercises for training on reading and writing. Comprehensive and diversified exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing are designed from easy to difficult to satisfy the needs of the learners of different level.

《当代中文》入门级系列教材是由国家汉办立项的重点出版项目,该系列共 43个文种,是目前世界上出版语种最多的权威成人汉语教材,在原《当代中文》基础上改编而成的,专门针对汉语初学者。全套共计三本,包括课本、练习册和汉字本,另有配套的 MP3、CD-ROM 可供选择。每套书配套的 MP3为标准普通话录音,课本和练习册各1 张盘。包括课本中的课文、范句、生词和补充词汇以及练习册中的词汇、替换练习、听力练习等。配套CD-ROM 包括课文、词汇、句型、语法、语音及文化点。课文加注拼音,1-11 课提供母语翻译。“汉字”部分介绍汉字的定义、发音、用法及笔顺,涵盖各类练习,训练汉字读写。“练习”涵盖听、说、读、写,由易渐难,以满足不同水平的汉语学习者的需要。

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