Happy Communication: An Intermediate Course of Chinese Conversation (Two) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press

ISBN: 7561913257/H•03043

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Happy Communication: An Intermediate Course of Chinese Conversation (Two)


作者: 何杰

author: He Jie




number of edition: edition in May 2004


number of print: print in May 2004


number of pages: 251 pages


wordage (thousand words):194 thousand words

开本:787×1092毫米 16开

format: 787×1092mm 16format


This book uses simplified Chinese character

with Pin Yin annotation only in the new words list

with English annotation only in the new words list

with additional Cassettes



The Compiler’s Note

Communicative Conversation is a textbook of spoke Chinese for foreign undergraduate students majoring in the Chinese language, which can also serve as a self-taught textbook for those foreign learners who have studied Chinese for one year. It is intended to help the students to communicate in accurate and appropriate spoken Chinese in a relatively complicated language context.

This series of books consists of two volumes, each of which contains 12 units. Each unit is composed of two lessons of conversations and one lesson of cultural information concerning language communication (with English translation attached behind). Each text includes two or three conversations, two groups of everyday Chinese sentences, new words and expressions, and exercises.

The book is characterized by its emphasis on the functions and practicality of the language. The conversations are designed to meet the students’ pasychological needs and communicative needs in everyday life. In each lesson there are some functional sentences (with English equivalents) as examples. The book covers a variety of language functions, for instance, how to ask for help, solicit opinions, argue and debate, how to express complicated feelings and emotions, how to retell an incident, and even how to court in Chinese.

The book gives special stress to interest and readability. It tries its best to reflect the lives and thoughts of the Chinese people from different walks of life in the age of social reform, and provide abundant information about social communication. It attempts to break the traditional mode of textbooks and establish a new mode. For instance, it has introduced some new ways of practicing oral Chinese: role play with characters from different social strata, dramatization of texts with surprising endings and a touch of humor, etc.

The book is systematically compiled. The design of the format integrates all the teaching procedures, and instructions for teaching are given to all the units. The lessons are arranged in an orderly way with explanations about related cultural background, customs, culturally-loaded words and expressions, grammatical points and vocabulary usage.

The exercises are designed to meet the needs of oral training with an emphasis on developing the students’ imagination and creativity. They provide activities to develop students’ oral communication skills, such as role play, discussion, debate, and speech contest, thus to give the teachers alternatives to choose from.

The new words and expressions are largely chosen from the List of The Graded Chinese Vocabulary for Grade C, plus some commonly-used polysemants and near synonyms from the List of Grade B. Besides, some everyday idioms, proverbs and sayings are introduced for their cultural implications.

In a word both in content and format this textbook is an innovative work, and will hopefully serve the educational purposes in the 21st Century.











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