NEW English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary (English-Chinese) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: New World Press

ISBN: 7800053830/G•099

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NEW English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary (English-Chinese)


作者: 钱肃文

author: Qian Suwen


publishing house: New World Press


number of editions: first edition in 1998


number of print: fourth print in 2006


number of pages: 1726 pages


English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary

Especially compiled for English learners of Chinese as a foreign or second language.

Consists of more than 23,000 entries commonly used in modern speech and communication.

Entries are based on everyday speech, with special emphasis on collocations and sentence usage.

Standard phrases and sentences are included under many entries.

Clear explanation of varying usages of a single word in English and Chinese.

All Chinese characters are followed by Chinese pinyin phonetics.


This dictionary has been especially prepared to accompany English speakers in their study of Chinese. It contains 23,000 entries commonly used in modern speech and communication. Each entry is based on everyday speech — concentrating on additional words that complement the respective entry, functional sentence usage, and a clear explanation of varying usages of a single word in English and Chinese. All Chinese characters are followed by Chinese pinyin phonetics so that the reader can pronounce the words and sentences correctly. Moreover, to help the reader grasp the usage of measure words and Chinese pinyin, the book has been especially arranged to include several sppendices, such as “Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet,” “Chinese (Standard Modern Chinese Language) Speech Sounds”, “A Comparative Chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet and the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet,” “Table of Measure Words,” etc.

Some compilers of the 1988 edition of The English-Chinese Pinyin Pocket Dictionary have taken part in compilation of this dictionary. The previously mentioned dictionary is widely accepted locally and internationally with several printings. This revised edition is the result of an expansion of The English-Chinese Pinyin Pocket Dictionary.

The compiling team of this dictionary wishes to express thanks to Mr. Lin debin of China Today for his editing and approval.

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