Practical Chinese Reader III (English) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: The Commercial Press

ISBN: 7100000904/G•15

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Practical Chinese Reader III (English)



author: Liu Xun,Deng Enming,Liu Shehui


publishing house: THE COMMERCIAL PRESS


number of editions: first edition in April 1986


number of print: sixth print in February 1999


number of pages: 393 pages


format: 32 format


This book uses simplified Chinese character

with Pin Yin annotation only in the new words list

with English annotation only in the new words list

Book Ⅲ and Ⅳ of “Practical Chinese Reader ”compiled by the Beijing Languages Institute consist of 30 lessons with a vocabulary of some 2,000 words and expressions and are intended for foreign learners of modern Chinese at an intermediate stage.

 In order to enable the learners to gain a deep understanding of Chinese and to improve the ability to communicate in the language,the text of each lesson focuses on a subject of interest to the learners. The topics include history, education, economy, medicine, sports, literature and art, newspapers and broadcasting, marriage and family life, scenic spots and historical sites, etc.

 In addition to the text and dialogue,each lesson has explanatory notes of words and phrases and also includes various types of exercises.


Books III & IV of Practical Chinese Reader are intended for foreign students of modern Chinese at the intermediate level. There are thirty lessons in all, and supplementary materials for revision are appended to each unit of 5 lessons. These two books will enable the students to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese, improve the ability to communicate in Chinese and lay a solid foundation for further study of the language at the advanced level.

In order more closely to embody the principle of integrating culture and language, a wide range of background information on China’s social life, scenic spots and historical sites, literature and art, history and geography, politics and economy, etc. is introduced from the beginning of Book III through Mr. And Mrs. Brown’s visit to China. The text of each lesson has been constructed do as to focus on a subject of interest to the students, such as the family, marriage, education, sports, medicine, the theatre, painting, newspapers and broadcasting. This will not only enable the students to assimilate common words, phrases and expressions essential for expressing themselves on a particular subject, but at the same time also enrich their knowledge of China so as to enable them to communicate more freely.

In the intermediate course, the written language is used increasingly in the texts, but the important task of consolidating and further improving the students’ ability to express themselves in the spoken language should not be neglected. To stress oral practice, each lesson contains a conversation section on certain functional items in the text.

Grammar and vocabulary are mainly dealt with in the section “Explanatory Notes of Words and Phrases”. Some frequently used words, phrases and constructions are singled out for brief explanation with examples so as to give the students a better command of their usages and widen their skills in linguistic expression. From Book IV onward, the explanatory notes of words and phrases are no longer translated into English and we try to make them to the point, succinct and as simple as possible. There is also a list of the words and grammatical terms which occur in the explanatory notes according to occurrence order at the end of Book IV. The “notes” section mainly clears up problems in background knowledge.

A good deal of exercise material is provided at the end of each lesson, as varied as possible in form. Besides simple sentence drills, stress is laid on those developing the students’ powers in connected speech and especially in handling the Chinese language with flexibility in specific situations.







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