Speed-Up Chinese (Revised edition) (Volume 1) (English Annotation) (PDF Ebook)

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 7301068905/H•0967

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Speed-Up Chinese (Revised edition) (Volume 1) (English Annotation)


作者: 何慕

author: He Mu




number of editions: first edition in Apirl 2004


number of print: first impression in April 2004


format: 32 format


wordage ( thousand words ) : 139 thousand words


number of pages: 157 pages



The language materials selected for this book are all standard Chinese Putonghua oral materials. Most of the ordinary oral teaching materials are based on the situation of a conversational topic while language teaching materials mostly use language knowledge as the guiding principle. The latter overlooks the practicality of language materials.

Speed-up Chinese Strives to overcome the above mentioned deficiency and to integrate the two as an organic whole. When situation of a conversational topic is used as the guiding principle to constitute the content of the teaching material, the first-rate grammar point (133 points) of the Chinese Level Examination (HSK) is added as the basis of arranging language knowledge. The book also tries to achieve the linkup and transition with second-rate grammar point. This book lays particular emphasis on fostering the listening and speaking ability of the learner.

Speed-up Chinese divides everyday phraseology into 15 situations of conversational topics (greetings and introduction, school life, traveling, time and date, traffic at the hotel, visiting and sojourn, shopping, seasons and weather, health and medical services food and drink, discussion of questions, interest and hobby, trade, learning Chinese). Every lesson teaches part of the phraseology of each conversational topic. There are altogether 45 lessons. Every 15 lessons are a cycle. The first 15 lessons have got the most basic contents among the 15 conversational topics. Mastering it will enable the learner to make some simple Chinese communications. The latter two 15 conversational topics to be enriched and intensified. The third cycle prepares particularly for learners some commercial trade phraseology. Every lesson consists of five parts: sentence patterns, text, annotation, exercises and new words. The text is mainly in the conversational mode. It is designed to train the listening and speaking ability. All texts come along with English translations. Hanyu Pinyin has been filled in for all the conversations in the texts, as well as for the short, narrative essays in the first book. The texts and sentence patterns are accompanied with concise and practical annotations, explaining grammatical phenomena. Each lesson has got 10 sentence patterns, approximately 20 new words, so there are 450 sentence patterns altogether, approximately 900 Chinese phrases. The arrangement of vocabulary and grammar points in this book follows the principle of progress step by step.

Speed-up Chinese is applicable for classroom-teaching. If the planned schedule of two lessons per week is followed, this book can be completed in eight weeks. The teacher can arbitrarily select any cycle(15 lessons) to teach on the basis of the different conditions of the students. This book can be a conversational handbook too, capable of meeting the different needs of individuals who are willing to study Chinese on their own.








  • Yasin Gulsen50 minutes ago

    Than thank thank you. I was looking for this book for a long time.

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